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Valve Repair

Valve Repair in the 21st Century - “Valve Repair in the 21st Century”United Valve employs experienced valve service technicians that can diagnose and perform industrial valve repair of virtually all types and sizes including gate, globe, check & ball valves. A vertically integrated shop environment allows us to routinely perform operations that other valve service companies have to out-source. All United Valve field service technicians have received basic and advanced safety training through programs administered by the Greater Houston Area Safety Council.

Valve Modification

Valve ModificationUnited Valve performs many different types of valve modifications and being in business since 1961 we have seen it all. We have five CNC machine tools as well as numerous manual machines which allows us to rapidly machine valve trim components of any size, out of any material. Cryogenic valve modification of standard valves are one of our specialties. We have produced hundreds of valves for low temperature applications. As far as valve modifications go, if you can dream it…

Valve Testing Services

Valve Fire TestingAs part of our complete valve engineering package, we operate a state-of-the-art valve fire testing facility. The bunkered enclosure allows us to perform fire testing in accordance to API, ISO or customer specifications. The actual testing is controlled and monitored in a separate control room that is equipped with custom fire test control software and monitored by video cameras with digital recording capability.