Radiography – NDE & Pressure Testing

Radiography valve testingUnited Valve is the only industrial valve service company with its own in-house X-ray radiography facility. We have been radiographing castings and critical welds for nearly 30 years. The radiography of castings is our most in-demand radiographic service.

Initially purchased to radiograph flange attachment welds, our 450 kV machine is housed in a cement bunker with a sliding, lead-lined roof that opens to access a 10-ton overhead crane. Our equipment can easily handle valve wall thicknesses up to three inches, with moderate exposure times.

Top Radiology Team in the Country

Since we ‘shoot’ valve castings nearly every day, our radiographic and quality department technicians are probably the most experienced valve casting radiography evaluation team in the United States.

We are able to produce ASTM reference radiographs used for Radiographic (RT) interpretation. All film is read by our Level II personnel who are knowledgeable in valve castings and radiography. RT is also used for checking the integrity of critical welds such as welded flange attachments.

Fast, Accurate Radiographic Testing for Industrial Valves

United Valve is a top industrial valve services provider in the U.S. that can offer fast and accurate in-house radiology services. This exceptional capability allows us to provide unmatched service efficiency and accuracy, setting a new standard in the industry. Schedule radiology service with us now.