Industrial Valve Service – Actuators & MOV Valves

actuator control boxUnited Valve offers actuation sales and service on both electric and pneumatic actuators, as well as motor operated (MOV) valves. We specialize in actuated valve packages and the procurement of highly engineered valves for many industrial applications.

With the involvement of our engineering staff and our decades of experience, we can decipher the most complex customer specifications and offer solutions that meet or exceed all customer requirements and deliver them quickly.

Critical Repair and Testing for MOV Valves

We are highly experienced in critical MOV valve repair. We can easily diagnose problems, determine whether issues lie with the actuator or the valve, and then mitigate the problem. With our large hydrostatic testing machines, we can also performance test MOV valves to ensure they are operating correctly under pressure.

Effective Solutions for Complex Actuation Requirements

Our experienced engineering staff is capable of handling a diverse range of actuation challenges, ensuring your systems operate as expected. For actuator service or industrial repairs for MOV valves, contact us directly.