Welding Services for Industrial Valve Modification

Valve WeldingWelding goes together with machining in the valve service business. Our welding operations are state-of-the-art and very extensive. The welding department is directed by an on-site welding engineer who creates all our welding procedures and works with the welders to ensure quality performance.

All our procedures are created in accordance with ANSI/ASME Section Nine requirements, although most exceed the minimal boiler code requirements to meet the tougher requirements of some of our customers.

We have qualified procedures for virtually every valve base metal in use in both the refinery and power industry. Qualified overlay materials include:

  • StelliteTM
  • InconelTM
  • Monel
  • HastelloyTM
  • UltimetTM

Just as it takes different kinds of machine tools for different machining operations, it also takes several different welding processes to perform suitable welding operations. The basic TIG, MIG, and SMAW welding processes are utilized, along with hot-wire TIG and submerged arc welding.

Expedited Heat Treatment In-House

When welding on Cr/Mo alloys and performing work in accordance with NACE MR0103 requirements, post-weld-heat-treatment (PWHT) is nearly always required after welding or hot-working.

We perform nearly all our heat treatment on site utilizing three electric furnaces. The largest is a 512 cubic foot car-bottom type. For special localized PWHT and preheating applications, we utilize a portable heating unit and multiple ceramic-type resistance heaters.

Having in-house heat treatment facilities increases our vertical integration and provides the fastest performance of heat treatments, as they are normally performed overnight in our automated furnaces.

From Design to Execution – Industrial Valve Modification

United Valve is a one-stop solution for industrial valve modifications. We cover every step of the process, including engineering and design, machining the parts, and assembling with full welding services. Work with our experienced team to ensure the highest quality of your modified valves.