Cryogenic Testing

Cryogenic Testing of Valves – Testing to Specifications

Monitor screen & setupTesting to Specifications

We have been performing cryogenic testing valves for nearly 25 years. We have built several testing tanks and have the capability to custom-build virtually any size cryogenic test enclosure. Testing can be performed at any temperature from ambient to -324oF.

A large inventory of stainless-steel flanges, bolting, test fixtures and fittings is maintained to fit all common cryogenic flange sizes. For leakage measurements we utilize a helium mass spectrometer, with flow meters and other digital measurement devices available as needed.

Most cryogenic tests are conducted at moderate pressures of around 300 psi; however, we can cryogenically test with helium at virtually any pressure in our high-pressure test bunker. When requested, tests can be video recorded for live remote viewing or later customer review.

Specializing in Cryogenic Testing for Industrial Valves

At United Valve, we are a leader in cryogenic testing thanks to our in-depth knowledge and precise methodologies. Our specialized testing services ensure optimal functionality of your valves in extreme low-temperature conditions, helping maintain safety and efficiency in your operations. Schedule your essential testing services with us.