Parts Manufacturer

Machining Parts for OEM customers

Machining 48 inch bodyCutting metal into shape is a critical part of industrial valve modification work. Our machine tools are busy every day, from machining and polishing seats and discs, to manufacturing new stems and everything in between. Our team at United Valve is equipped with the widest array of machine tools in the industry. Both manual and computer numerical control (CNC) machines are utilized to accomplish our machining requirements.

Extensive CNC Machining Capabilities

The CNC department contains seven machines:
  • 3 turning centers
  • 2 small vertical mills
  • Large horizontal machining center
  • Large four axis turning center
These machines are fed by a CNC programmer and CAD/CAM draftsman. Virtually every machine operation, once only performed on our manual machines, can now be handled on CNC equipment.

Manual Machining Equipment for Large and Specialty Valves

The manual machine department is also very well equipped with eight engine lathes, three knee-type milling machines, two horizontal boring mills, and three Bullard vertical boring mills, the largest with a 102” swing. The grinding department contains all the equipment to grind plug valves, including rising-rotating-stem types. Additionally, there are two large radial drill presses set up for polishing of ball valve balls up to 42” in diameter. The king of the machining department is our massive 20-foot swing Farrell vertical boring mill. This beast of a machine can handle parts up to 20-feet high and weighing up to 20 tons. The machine is served by a 40-ton crane.

Custom, Quality Parts for Your Industrial Valve Modifications Requirements

At United Valve, we can meet all your custom part needs with precision and expertise. Our dedicated on-site team will work with you to create the necessary parts for your industrial valve modifications.