Delayed Coker Valves

Industrial Valve Repair – Delayed Coker Repair

Valve Repair - Delayed Coker RepairProper maintenance ensures that delayed coker valves stay fully operational and can continue to handle the demanding conditions of coke processing.
Coking operations put severe strain on the valves used to control the coke making process. Common impacts on coker ball valves are:

  • Internal corrosion due to the valve reacting with the material flowing through it.
  • Internal erosion due to the high-speed flow and abrasive nature of petroleum coke particles.
  • Buildup of heavy residuum in the seat or stem areas jamming the valve.

We specialize in the refurbishment and modification of delayed coker valves, both ball and rising-rotating stem plug design. Over the past 15 years, we have repaired over 500 coker ball and plug valves.

Precision Repair for All Sizes of Coker Valves

Our shop has precision lapping and polishing fixtures to handle all sizes of metal-seated ball valves through NPS 30. The machine shop contains both internal and external grinding machines for refinishing rising-rotating stem coker plug valves, such as the Wilson-Snyder type. With in-house welding and heat treatment furnaces, any modification requiring weld repair or augmentation of chrome/moly bodies can be performed efficiently in our shop.

Velan Approved Service Partner on the Gulf Coast

United Valve has been a Velan approved modification and repair facility since 1991. As the only Velan Level I approved service center on the Texas Gulf Coast, our employees have the engineering support and backing of the world’s number one producer of delayed coker ball valves.

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