Valve Failure Analysis

Valve Failure Analysis & Testing

Valve Failure Analysis & TestingValve failure analysis is a service that we perform for end-users, manufacturers, and legal teams. Our vast knowledge of all types of valves and how they operate, combined with our equipment inventory, allow us to perform in-depth failure analysis projects.

This work is headed by a staff engineer and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. We also participate as the testing provider in cooperative work with other testing agencies.

Failure Analysis to Prevent Future Incidents

When a valve suffers a catastrophic failure, it is important to find out the root cause in order to help ensure that the event is not repeated. We combine the vast knowledge of our staff with a complete complement of in-house non-destructive evaluation equipment and pressure testing machines to help discover the “why” of valve failures.

For metallurgical failure analysis beyond the scope of in-house NDE testing such as radiography, dye penetrant, hardness tests, and XRF analysis, we employ some of Houston’s most experienced metallurgists as consultants.

Accurate Testing Results to Identify Cause of Failure

United Valve has extensive experience in various testing processes, allowing us to select the most appropriate examination methods for any failed valve. Our expertise enables them to accurately identify the root cause of failure through precise and thorough testing, providing valuable insights for subsequent repair or replacement actions.

For thorough testing and analysis of a failed industrial valve, contact us today.