Valve Library

Valve Library – Types of Industrial Valves

3,000 Volume Reference Library on Industrial Valves
United Valve maintains a huge reference library of over 3,000 volumes, including 1,000+ valve catalogs. These catalogs are a very valuable source of information when repairing valves that are no longer manufactured.

Our catalog collection contains volumes from the 1880’s through 2016 and includes every major United States valve manufacturer. Through the assets of the library, we have helped many end-users with information on older valves in their plants.

Engineering Library Specific to Valve Design and Related Topics

The engineering section contains over 300 volumes on valve design, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, piping, and corrosion topics. We also maintain a digital copy of all current valve and valve-related standards published by ANSI, API, ASME, ASTM, MSS and ISO.
Additionally, we have an extensive inventory of older editions of most pertinent valve and valve related standards going back to 1938. All library resources are available to United Valve customers during regular business hours. Visit us to review our library resources.