Type Testing of Industrial Valves

Type Testing of ValvesValve “type testing” is a protocol where valves are tested at the operating pressure and temperature ranges specified by the manufacturer for a particular valve. This requires that some valves are tested at temperatures down to the cryogenic range at one extreme, and/or over 1000 degrees F at the other.

In addition to the temperature and pressure testing extremes, the valves are also often required to be tested for fugitive emissions leakage during the test program.

Type or Design Qualification Valve Testing

Type testing requires that a valve be operated at various temperatures and pressures, measuring performance variables during the testing. While many Type tests are custom, based upon the manufacturer’s requirements, there are end-user testing procedures that are often specified.

United Valve can perform Type testing on valves of all sizes, materials, and types of industrial valves. Generally, these tests assess industrial valves for:

  • Long-term performance
  • Design flaws
  • Design validation/qualification

Full Industrial Valve Testing Capabilities

At United Valve, we have an excellent track record of thorough, accurate, and reliable testing services for industrial valves. Our facilities are fully equipped to handle a multitude of testing scenarios, ensuring we can meet your specific requirements.

For all your valve testing requirements, rely on an experienced team that upholds industry best practices.