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Pressure Testing - United Valve

Valve Burst TestFrom the largest to the smallest valves, we are well equipped for pressure testing. Our largest machines are some of the biggest in the country and can test flanged or buttweld end valves as large as 48” 150# or 24” 2500# class. The testing department is served by 15 ton and 5 ton overhead cranes, so there is virtually no valve too large for United Valve to pressure test. With eleven different testing machines, our full time testing technicians can quickly and correctly test virtually any valve type, pressure class or end configuration.

We also perform fugitive emission testing utilizing Helium leak detectors with an accuracy of 2 ppm, and Method 21 approved Methane sniffers. For API 6D testing requirements, pressure temperature chart recorders are available.

In concert with our engineering department, United can perform service simulation tests to confirm valve operability over hundreds or even thousands of cycles. To help confirm product design integrity, burst testing at pressures up to 50,000 psi is also offered.

Common Testing Standards

Specification Valve Types
API 598 all
API 6D pipeline
ANSI B16.34 all
MSS SP-61 all
MSS SP-67 butterfly
MSS SP-68 butterfly
MSS SP-70 iron
MSS SP-80 bronze
MSS SP-81 ss knife gate