OEM Support Services

OEM Support Services

OEM Support ServicesUnited Valve is uniquely equipped to provide a host of support services to valve manufacturers.

Our engineering testing team can perform product evaluation and assessment including fugitive emissions testing, cryogenic testing, and forensic analysis. In addition, our field service technicians are available for commissioning, installation work ,and warranty repair.

We also provide engineering design for specific valve applications. We have designed and built many special valves for OEM customers as both an initial design qualification and an ongoing product manufacturing project.

Machining for Manufacturing Custom Valve Parts

We have an experienced and fully-equipped machining department. With our six CNC machining centers, mills, and lathes, along with a CAD-CAM team and software, we can machine and manufacture virtually any valve component in accordance with original drawing tolerances and requirements.

Our largest CNC vertical mill has a table capacity of 5’ x 8’ and a 10,000# part weight limit. Manufacturing assistance capabilities extend to assembly and testing of all sizes of flanged or butt-weld end valves.

In-House Welding Services

In addition to machining support, our welding department can provide joining and overlay work for a variety of specific applications. Welding work is headed by our in-house welding engineer, who can create job or customer-specific welding procedures, if they are not already in our 300+ welding procedure catalog.

Virtually all alloys and base metals can be welded by our team of eight code-certified welders, utilizing automated hot-wire TIG, submerged arc welding, or any of the other common welding processes.

Custom OEM Valve Modifications to Your Specifications

At United Valve, we have all the necessary in-house capabilities to fully customize industrial valves based on your specific requirements. Our process includes intricate engineering designs, precise machining, and robust welding, all conducted under one roof for optimal quality control. Discuss your custom OEM valve modification requirements with our team today.