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Industry Information – History of Valves

Tank farm constructionAt United Valve, we work closely with two major contributors in our industry: The Valve Repair Council (VRC) and the Valve Manufacturers Association (VMA) of America.

Valve Repair Council

The Valve Repair Council (VRC) is an affiliate organization of the Valve Manufacturers Association (VMA) of America. Prospective members must be recommended by a VMA member, pass an extensive audit, and be voted in by the VRC membership.

United Valve has been a proud and active member of the VRC for more than ten years. Our employees have served on the board of directors, as vice-chairman, and as chairman of the organization.

The VRC was formed to provide OEM authorized and approved repairers and rebuilders with a means to meet the following objectives:

  • To promote safety through proper repair and rebuilding of valves.
  • To establish and promulgate guidelines for proper repair service.
  • To educate manufacturers, rebuilders and customers on the importance of proper service and the dangers inherent in substandard service.
  • To publish a list of member’s qualified service facilities for the benefit of the end-users.
  • To provide a forum for the legal exchange of information that will advance the quality and integrity of service.
  • To promote open discussion between OEM’s, repair shops and users on problems relating to maintenance and repair.
  • To cooperate with standards development bodies and regulatory agencies in the development of appropriate standards and regulations pertaining to service.

Valve Manufacturers Association

CO2 Pipeline valvesThe Valve Manufacturers Association of America represents the interests of nearly 100 North American manufacturers of valves and actuators.

The VMA is guided by five strategic priorities:

  • Be member driven.
  • Encourage industry and member company growth, interaction and innovation.
  • Be the unified voice of the industrial valve industry.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership and provide industry expertise and education.
  • Represent the industry to policy makers.