HP Power Plant

Industrial Valve Service – HP Power Plant Valves

HP field repairUnited Valve is the exclusive North American partner of HP Valves, a prime supplier of high-quality powerplant and general industrial valves, based in the Netherlands. These valves are critical components for power plants across the country and beyond.

Warranty and Industrial Repair Work for HP Valves

HP valves we can provide service for includes:

  • Isolation valves such as pressure seal gate, globe, and check valves
  • Steam conditioning valves for turbine bypass and attemperator systems
  • Control valve used for critical and severe service applications such as concentrated solar power and combined cycle power

In addition to performing warranty and repair work, we maintain a stock of the most common replacement parts for these valves, and an inventory of small diameter HP forged valves to meet replacement-in-kind MRO activities. Project sales of HP valves are handled directly with the manufacturer.

Recognized Provider for Severe Service Valve Repairs

At United Valve, we are committed to delivering reliable service and repair for critical and severe service valves used in power plant operations. For all HP valve repair requirements within North America, contact us today.