Large Valve Work

Industrial Valve Repair – Large Diameter Valve

Industrial Valve Repair - Large Diameter ValveUnited Valve has virtually unlimited in-house capabilities for large industrial valve repair and modification. With an extensive range of cutting-edge technologies and a team of highly skilled professionals, we can provide the comprehensive valve services you need.

Fully Equipped Facility for Large Valve Repair and Modification

Our 42,000 sq. ft. repair and engineering testing building is served by 40 and 20 ton cranes with a 37 foot hook height. Also located in this building are our large capacity machine tools, including a 20 foot table vertical boring mill with 20 feet of top height.

The repair department weld shop is served by a 20-ton crane and features the latest welding equipment including automated hot-wire TIG and submerged arc processes.

The repair building also has a very large, 1200-ton capacity Porgetti horizontal test rack, encased in a wood-lined steel testing bunker. Additional large capacity testing machines are also located in this building.

The 61,000 sq. ft. production building includes three crane equipped bays. The central bay features a 20 ton crane with a 300 foot runway and 29 feet of hook height. Four additional 10 ton cranes augment the lifting capabilities in the other bays. For projects that exceed our internal lifting capacity, a two acre concrete parking lot is available.

Our heaviest valve service application to date was the assembly and testing of large butterfly valves that required the services of two 50-ton cranes to lift the valve, flanges, and hydrotest fluid they contained. The total weight of the assemblies was over 87 tons.

Capable, Expert Repair for Large Diameter Valves

United Valve’s expansive facilities are fully equipped to accommodate even the largest specialty valves, ensuring that no project is too demanding or complex for our capabilities. Contact us now for your large valve repair and modification needs.